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Costa Rican homes for sale with mountain and nature views

Wouldn’t you love to have a view from your home? Can be an ocean view not an option for you because you are usually more into nature views? You may have arrived at the right place; CostaRica property has other benefits that made this country celebrated, aside from the fact of failing to have a standing army.  Our MLS offers some great options of Costa Rican homes for sale with nature views all over the country, for those budgets.

Where you can look for nature view homes

So where should you learn to look for …

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How to get the most money when selling your home fast


The one thing that every homeowner wants to achieve is to sell home fast with a good price, hopefully making a nice bit of profit. You have to sell your house like you would sell yourself for a job interview. If you wanted a job and had an interview you would wear a suit and a tie, have a shave and hair cut. The same rule applies to selling a home.

  1. Having a clean and tidy home

Making sure your home is as clean as it possibly could be for any potential buyer has to …

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Action Plan to Sell Your Home in 2017

To sell your home at a better price you need an action plan. This action plan will assist you to prepare everything in the house well before the potential buyers come to see the house. ProperTiming is very important when you want to sell your house though at times you may not be able to predict the real estate market and the prices offered there. The tips below will assist you to sell home fast in 2017.

Proper pricing of the home

The home must be priced right so that it can attract more buyers. There …

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Want to sell your house without a Realtor? Read this first

Realtors are almost always associated with the property selling process. Although many people would take the help of a broker, you might be someone who would prefer sell my home fast without taking the assistance of one. The obvious benefit would be that you’d save up for commission and other, sometimes hidden, additional expenses.

Let me tell you, the process to sell your house fast is not as difficult as you think. Here’s how you can do it.

Do Your Research

Real estate market Research is key to sealing the deal at the price of your …

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Some Ideas for Getting Your Home Fast to Sell


Preparing your house for viewers, or “staging” seeing that it’s called, is important when  you have your Home Fast to Sell. It will not only ensure your possessions are sold faster but can potentially add a lot of money to its value. Will possibly not realize it, but it’s the small things that can make each of the difference when getting your house ready to market.

These tips for getting your home prepared to promote.

DE clutter – but don’t depersonalize

Eliminate all the excess stuff that has accumulated in each nook and cranny. …

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How to Price a Home to Sell Fast


It’s an extreme time to be a mortgage holder attempting to offer. The national measurements show inventories and costs holding unfaltering through the first 50% of 2010 to sell home fast. While this is an alleviation from the terrible free fall that home venders confronted after the land air pocket burst, there still isn’t the upward energy that proprietors incline toward when they’re searching for home deals to sell house fast.

Here’s the manner by which to make sense of a reasonable home estimation to sell home fast:

Visit the area

Cobb proposes …

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How to Quickly Sell your home without an Agent

There are several reasons why you may consider when you sell your house fast without the help of an agent. Often it takes up to six months or more to get the house on and keep it on the market. If you need to sell your home now, having an agent may not be the best thing. Here are a few tips to sell your home quickly without an agent. Read more


One of the biggest benefits of not using an agent is that you could walk away with much more money in your …